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The Mission Statement
  of Redco Products and the
Simple Assembly Solutions Design Team (SAS)

“The Simple Assembly Solutions Design Team at Redco can design and build anything, providing it is innovative, commercially viable, and can be protected by International Patents.”

The cleverness of our patents enables a very simple assembly procedure at Distributor level, with no welding or powder coating during or after manufacture. All the products can be easily assembled by semi skilled labour, using pre powder-coated profiles. The savings in labour and turnaround costs are substantial, meaning our Distributors can supply stylish, high demand products at very competitive prices.

This statement is backed up by a web of sister companies and contracted divisions involved in engineering, plastics, milling, powder-coating and marketing, who support the overall concept.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is not only busy developing new proto-types, but is busy designing and manufacturing sophisticated machines/presses that are involved in or support the Redco patents. These machines/presses are used to simplify assembly at the Distributor level. Each press is unique and would normally cost tens of thousands of dollars to build, but because they are manufactured in large runs the Engineering Division can supply them to our Distributors world- wide for a fraction of the real cost.

The Engineering Division also supervises our Machining Department, which machines 100’s of tonnes of aluminium profiles every year, using the latest CMC machines, operated by state of the art robots.

Metal Extrusion Division

There are to date in excess of 450 different aluminium profiles the division has designed and milled, with more arriving each day to support the new product releases.

Plastics Division

The same happens in the plastics division. Hundred’s of expensive moulds have been built at a fraction of the normal cost that an outsourced plastics company would charge. All plastic parts are over-designed to stand the test of time in outside environments, including extreme sun exposure, high temperatures and salinity.

Powder Coating Division

Sahara Loc-coat™

The Research Team is very active in this area. Normal powder-coating has always had its limitations, so through extensive testing a new Super Durable powder-coat with a textured finish, called Sahara Loc-coat™ was developed.

This new Super Durable powder-coating was first tested with excellent results on a 6 star hotel in Dubai - Burj Al Arab (often seen on the TV show Getaway).

Normal powder-coating would not have stood the test of time due to extreme fluctuations in temperature, sun exposure and salinity in this Gulf location. Sahara Loc-Coat™ is 30% tougher than normal powder- coating and carries a normal industry guarantee, even in beach front locations.

Sahara Loc-coat™ being more expensive than normal powder-coating meant it could only be used in large projects to be commercially viable. 

Due to the fact that all our companies collectively mill hundred’s of tonnes of aluminium profiles per month, Sahara Loc-coat™ has become commercially viable. Six colours are now available that match most existing window, door, guttering and fascia colours. Special colours can be developed for large projects.

To provide continuity we have a fully automated powder-coating line, painting the six Sahara Loc-coat™ colours on all our aluminium profiles. A second powder coating line is planned for introduction in 2009 to meet the escalating demand.

The commercial benefits of Sahara Loc-coat are enormous. Sahara Loc-coat™ is exclusive to our Distributors world-wide, at very attractive rates.


Powder-coated aluminium that looks and feels like real timber has been used in Europe for years. This sophisticated technology is now available in Australia. Eurowood complies with all the required Standards and has a 7 year industry guarantee.

The flow-on affect of this co-operation between all the Divisions for the common good of the concept, enables our Distributors to maintain profitability, while producing superior products of high quality, at very competitive prices.

All our brands enjoy a high profile in their respective markets.


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