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euroloc fencing & gate system


The revolutionary fencing & gate system

A world first -   Build a 2400(W) x 1200/1800(H) panel OR 2 gates in 3 minutes - ready to install!
No more welding - no more powder coating (after assembly)
2 people can make up to 150 panels in a day - every day
Would your business be easier to run & more profitable if y ou didn’t need welders or  powder coaters?
Build raked panels that can adjust to a 0° - 20° slope  Also in 3 minutes!


home tec


Commercial Quality Shutters, Louvres and Slats

This heavy duty system was primarily designed to span larger than normal distances for commercial and residential developments.
Having a range of blade widths from 42mm to 127mm  in both fixed and adjustable orientations. Easy to build, as the Hometec™ range uses the Tension-Loc Patented system which enables any panel to be built by semi skilled labour in minutes rather than hours, using pre-powder-coated profiles. Ideal for architecturally designed overhead screening, wind-breaks, privacy and climate control.  We are now seeing Hometec being used to enhance high-end homes.


ama shutters the most affordable in australia


Australia's most affordable shutters.

Using the strenght of high quality aluminium - slimline frame to maximise vision - can be used either internal or external - can be used in hinged, sliding fixed or bi-fold configurations - available in all powder coated colours including Sahara Loc-coat™ - T-bar control at both ends of shutter blades - dual T-bar maximises tension between blades and helps to eliminate light penetration.


eurowood photo realistic finishes


The stunning finish for aluminium products that looks and feels like natural timber.

Photo Imaging is a new technology from Europe which enables natural materials to be imaged directly into a durable powder coating.  A unique patented process enables us to photograph exactly the wood grain of any timber species and reproduce this image including all the knots and flames on to an aluminium profile of any shape or size. This timber image is then impregnated on to a marine grade powder coated aluminium profile giving it an enduring finish which is guaranteed for 7 years, including right on the beach. This timber look finish feels and looks like real timber without any of the ongoing maintenance issues that real timber has.


sahara loc-coat


Sahara Loc-coat™ could well be the toughest powder coated aluminium in the world.

Sahara Loc-coat™ powder-coating is not the normal owder coating we normally see today, but is the latest, strongest powder coating available in the world

The Sahara Loc-coat™ range of powder coating was developed for a six star hotel in Dubai (often shown on the TV show "Getaway" in the Middle East to withstand their extreme climactic conditions. Normal powder coating would not stand the test of time in this beach location on The Gulf (adjacent to the Arabian Sea) due to the extreme heat, extreme cold, driving wind, sand storms and high salinity.

Hometec Patio

bifold lockable systems


Perfect Bi-Fold Screen Solution

Whether you are looking to create an outdoor ‘room’ or simply find an attractive screen solution for your bi-fold doors, the  Hometec Patio Enclosures are the perfect way to enhance your outdoor living area for year-round enjoyment, it can be quickly tailored to suit current outdoor weather conditions and simply folds away when not needed.        


hometec screening solutions
Hometec patio enclosures